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20 avril 2011

before leaving


          20th April 2011

   Tomorrow begin my gap year!

Since  three years with Heather my best friend, we prepare this journey. We try to put a maximum of money of quoted for this trip.When we said it  our parents, at the beginning they were sceptical however after  to have heard our arguments as to discover new landscapes or to learn new languages or cultures.For to have note also of the experience and to build our own way and the most important to help the poor populations they agree! 

It is 10 am, I finished my suitcases!
I know it is very early whereas  I am so exiting  to make this journey. Dad is not there, he is in journey for his work thus I am sad that he comes not to say goodbye to me but mom and Kate are here for me.

Heather and me , we choose about the contries.First we go to Algeria , after Tunisia  , Egypt, , Ethiopia , South Africa.Afte we change continent so we  go in Asia , Pakistan , India, Japon , Indonesia.Actually we go in Argentina ,Colombia,Mexique and for finish USA.

I am so exiting to make this travel while I am afraid , I think it's normal , I am going to begin an adventure ! 

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